A Guide to Worship for Those Who Are New to the Faith

If you are new to the church in general, or Trinity in particular, you may have some questions about the meaning of the different components of our worship service. This guide will help you to understand our worship service better. This guide has been adapted from a book called “A Children’s Guide to Worship” by Ruth Boling, Lauren Muzzy and Laurie Vance.

Prelude: As we gather for worship we utilize music to help us feel closer to God and to give us time to individually prepare for the service we are about to share together. Use this time to notice what will be happening in today’s service. Is the baptismal font out for a baptism? Are the elements of communion on the communion table? What color are the paraments (the cloths on the altar and pulpit) that signal the liturgical season of the Christian year? What hymns or praise songs will we be singing today (look at your bulletin)? What scriptures will be read? Go ahead and look up the first hymn and scripture reading. Close your eyes and ask God to meet you in worship today.

Call to Worship: These words are often drawn directly from scripture and invite us to begin worshiping God together.

Songs of Praise: Our first songs are songs of praise because we want to begin every service by celebrating God.

Prayer of Praise: We begin with a prayer to tell God how much we adore God. Sometimes this prayer reminds us of something special about God that we are celebrating today.

Prayer of Confession: “Confession” means telling God about the things we have done wrong and asking God to forgive us. We all sin, and confessing our sin to God keeps it from building up and becoming a wedge that would ultimately distance us from God.

The Sacrament of Baptism: Through baptism a baby, child, or adult becomes a member of God’s family, the Church. We promise to help this person grow in God’s love. At Trinity you can meet with the pastor any time to request a baptism, and the pastor will help you schedule your baptism.

Anthem: The choir sings a song that helps us to worship.

Scripture Reading: God’s Word is written in the scriptures. The readings can be from the Old Testament (front of the Bible) or the New Testament (back of the Bible) and we usually include one of each. Look up the scripture in your Bible and follow along as we read God’s Word together.

Sermon: Our pastor talks about what the scripture readings mean. We can learn about God’s love for us. We can also learn how God wants us to live today. Ask God to speak to you through the sermon as you listen.

The Sacrament of Communion: The first Sunday of every month we celebrate Holy Communion at Trinity. The pastor tells us about Jesus and the last meal he shared with his disciples before we take Communion. All baptized believers are welcome to take Communion, but parents decide when their children are ready. Before children are ready for Communion, or if an adult doesn’t feel ready to take Communion on any particular Sunday, a grape may be taken instead. The grape reminds you that the Lord’s Table is waiting for you.

Offering: Our gifts support the work of the church. We give our time, our talents, and our money. We give our selves. We give to God because God gives so much to us.

Benediction: At the end of the service we stand and listen to the benediction, which means “good word”. The good word is that God goes with us into the world to do God’s work. We listen to joyful music as we go. We go to love others just as God loves us.