Catching Up on Worship at Trinity

If you happen to miss a worship service, you can download both the sermon and the order of worship here.  Just find the date you are looking for.  Beneath that date you’ll find a link to the bulletin as well as a audio recording of the sermon.  Just click the arrow in the media player to listen to the sermon right on your computer, tablet, or phone.  Bulletins are posted the Thursday before worship and sermons are posted the Monday after worship.

2-18-18:  Lent Is Our Homecoming, Pastor John Anderson

2-18-18 Bulletin

2-11-18:  The Kingdom Come, Pastor John Anderson

2-11-18 Bulletin

2-4-18:  “In Need of a Heart Transplant and Infusion of God’s Spirit”  Denise Shannon, M.Div.

2-4-18 Bulletin

1-28-18:  Practicing Courage, Pastor John Anderson

1-28-18 Bulletin


1-21-18:  Blocking Our Path, Pastor John Anderson

1-21-18 Bulletin

1-14-18:  Good King, Bad King, Pastor John Anderson

1-14-18 Bulletin

1-7-18:  The Blessed Way, Pastor John Anderson

1-7-18 Bulletin

12-31-17:  Making It Stick… New Year’s Resolutions Reconsidered   Denise Shannon, M.Div

12-31-17 Bulletin

12-24-17:  4:00 pm Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

12-24, 4 pm Congregation

12-24-17:  2:00 pm Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

12-24, 2 pm Congregation

12-17-17:  Son of God, Pastor John Anderson

12-17-17 Bulletin

12-10-17:  The Mothers of Jesus, Pastor John Anderson

12-10-17 Bulletin

12-3-17:  Hope in the Darkness, Pastor John Anderson

12-3-17 Bulletin

11-26-17:  Accountable, Pastor John Anderson

11-26-17 Bulletin

11-19-17:  Trust the LORD, Pastor John Anderson

11-19-17 Bulletin

11-12-17:  God at the Center, That’s All God Ever Wanted, Pastor John Anderson

11-12-17 Bulletin

11-5-17:  The God of the Refugee (and the Refugee in Us), Pastor John Anderson

11-5-17 Bulletin

10-29-17:  Happiness,  Rev. Mrs. Lydia Neshangwe

10-29-17 Bulletin

10-22-17:  Obedience is Not a Four Letter Word, Denise Shannon, M.Div.

10-22-17 Bulletin

10-15-17:  Wandering and Wondering, Denise Shannon, M.Div.

10-15-17 Bulletin

10-8-17:  Show Us How to Live 

10-8-17 Bulletin


10-1-17:  Our God Saves

10-1-17 Bulletin

9-24-17: A Family God

9-24-17 Bulletin

9-17-17:  God Builds a Nation (Ghaieth Bellahirich)

9-10-17:  In the beginning, GOD!

9-10-17 Bulletin

9-3-17:  Evidence of Our Faith:  The Impulse to Pray

9-3-17 Bulletin

8-27-17:  Evidence of Our Faith:  Integrity  (Denise Shannon, M.Div.)

8-27-17 Bulletin

8-20-17:  Evidence of Our Faith:  Partnering

8-20-17 Bulletin

Evidence That We Believe:  Desire

8-13-17 Bulletin

8-6-17:  Evidence of Your Faith – Careful

8-6-17 Bulletin

7-30-17  Evidence of Your Faith – Active

7-30-17 Bulletin

7-23-17:  The Evidence of Faith – Generous

7-23-17 Bulletin

7-16-17:  The Evidence of Faith – Resist

7-16-17 Bulletin

7-9-17:  The Two Faces of Trust (Denise Shannon, M.Div.)

7-9-17 Bulletin

No audio recording this week, we worshipped in the park.

7-2-17:  Show Me Your Faith: Content

7-2-17 Bulletin

6-25-17:  Wise

6-25-17 Bulletin

6-18-17:  Resilience

6-18-17 Bulletin

6-11-17:  God At Work, Brad & Toni Guderian, Wycliffe Bible Translators

6-11-17 Bulletin

6-4-17; A Story of Leaving & Living Amongst, Joel Adams, Guest Preacher

6-4-17 Bulletin

5-28-17: Still Us Only Better

5-28-17 Bulletin

5-21-17: There’s More To Come

5-21-17 Bulletin

5-14-17:  I’ve Seen Him!

5-14-17 Bulletin

5-7-17:  Ordinary Action in Extra Ordinary Circumstances  Rev. Clarke Vestal

5-7-17 Bulletin

4-30-17:  Now You See Him

4-30-17 Bulletin

4-23-17:  Jesus Is On The Loose

4-23-17 Bulletin

4-16-17 – Easter:  Look for the Living

4-16-17 Bulletin

4-9-17:  The Lord Needs It

4-9-17 Bulletin

4-2-17:  Those Who Would See

4-2-17 Bulletin

3-26- 17:  Invisible Chasms  (Michael McLane)

3-26-17 Bulletin

3-19-17:  Even Just One Sinner

3-19-17 Bulletin

3-12-17:  Entering the Thick of It

3-12-17 Bulletin


3-5-17:  Bridging the Read-Love Disconnect

3-5-17 Bulletin


2-26-17:  Behold His Glory

2-26-17 Bulletin

2-19-17:  Much to Love

2-19-17 Bulletin

2-12-17:  How Will We Know?

2-12-17 Bulletin

2-5-17:  A Touch That Cheats Death

2-5-17 Bulletin

1-29-17:  Choosing Tradition vs the Tyrant

1-29-17 Bulletin

1-22-17:  Empty Enough to be Useful

1-22-17 Bulletin

1-15-17:  Not Stumbling Over Familiarity

1-15-17 Bulletin

1-8-17:  Ready or Not?

1-8-17 Bulletin

1-1-17:  God’s Wide Embrace

1-1-17 Bulletin

12-25-16:  Christmas Day, Worship at Home


12-24-16:   Christmas Eve, 7 pm service

7 pm Christmas Eve 2016

12-18-16:  4th Sunday of Advent   “The Joy of Being Chosen”


12-11-16:  3rd Sunday of Advent  “Hear the Good News”


12-4-16:  2nd Sunday of Advent   “Ready for His Advent”


11-27-16:  1st Sunday of Advent    “The Lord Reigns”


11-20-16:  Exodus:  Living With God at the Center


11-13-16:  God Calling   Russ and Michele Hill, Myanmar Missionaries

11-13-16  Technical difficulties – No recording


11-6-16:  Exodus, A Story of Redemption:  I Will Be With You


10-30-16:  “God’s Earthly First Responders”   Dan Yount


10-23-16:  “God With You, You With God”  Rev. John O’Lane


10-16-16:  Exodus, A Story of Redemption:  Lord of All


10-9-16:  Exodus, A Story of Redemption:  I Am the Lord



10-2-16:  Exodus, Who Is the Lord?   (World Communion Sunday)


9-25-16:  Exodus, A Story of Redemption:  Our God Sees


9-18-16:  Exodus, A Story of Redemption:  Working With God


9-11-16:  Exodus, a Story of Redemption:  Blessing and Crisis


9-4-16:  A Gift for the Life of the World

9-4-16 Bulletin

8-28-16:  Working for the Life of the World

8-28-16 Bulletin

8-21-16:  Seek Their Welfare

8-21-16 Bulletin

8-14-16:  What Are We Doing Here, Anyway?

8-14-16 Bulletin


8-7-16:  The Brotherhood of People:  God’s View  (Denise Shannon)

8-7-16 Bulletin

7-31-16:  Sabbath:  Resisting There Won’t be Enough

7-31-16 Bulletin

7-24-16:  Sabbath:  Resisting We’re Not Good Enough

7-24-16 Bulletin

7-17-16:  Sabbath as Resisting:  We Don’t Have Enough

7-17-16 Bulletin

7-10-16:  God’s World Yesterday and Today (Mickey Taylor)

7-10-16 Bulletin

7-3-16: Good Sabbath

7-3-16 Bulletin

6-26-16:  Sabbath Rest:  Why the Command to Rest?

6-26-16 Bulletin

6-19-16:  Sabbath Rest:  Learning How to Tell Time

6-19-16 Bulletin

6-12-16:  Attitude, Latitude and Gratitude (Michael McLane)

6-12-16 Bulletin

6-5-16:  Daring to See God as Good!

6-5-16 Bulletin

6-5-16  Worshiped in the park: No recording

5-29-16:  Honoring Those in Authority

5-29-16 Bulletin

5-22-16: The Art of Spiritual Friendship:  Welcoming

5-22-16 Bulletin

5-15-16:  The Art of Spiritual Friendship:  The Light of True Friends

5-15-16 Bulletin

5-8-16:  The Art of Spiritual Friendship:  Listening and Asking

5-8-16 Bulletin


5-1-16: The Art of Spiritual Friendship: Praying


4-24-16:  The Art of Spiritual Friendship:  Noticing

4-24-16 Bulletin

4-17-16:  The Mission to Befriend

4-17-16 Bulletin

4-10-16:  Redemption Face to Face (Russ Coley)

4-10-16 Bulletin

4-3-16:  Standing With Jesus In Our Doubts

4-3-16 Bulletin

3-27-16, Easter Sunday:  Standing in His Tomb

3-27-16 Bulletin


3-20-16:  Standing With Jesus as He is Misunderstood

3-20-16 Bulletin

3-20-16  Technical Difficulties – No Recording

3-13-16:  Standing in Humility Beside Him  (Robin Olschner)

3-13-16 Bulletin

3-13-16 Technical difficulties No recording

3-6-16:  Standing With Jesus in His Joy

3-6-16 Bulletin

2-28-16:  Standing Before His Word:  The Urgency of Repentance

2-28-16 Bulletin

2-21-16:  Standing With Jesus:  Standing in His Glory

2-21-16 Bulletin

2-14-16:  Standing With Jesus:  Standing in His Struggles

2-14-16 Bulletin


2-7-16:  Stacking Stones (Lyn Hull, CRE)

2-7-16 Bulletin