Catching Up on Worship at Trinity

If you happen to miss a worship service, you can download the worship service here.  Just find the date you are looking for.  Beneath that date you’ll find a link to the video of the service.  Just click the link to watch the service right on your computer, tablet, or phone.

01-17-21: “Spread It Around” Pastor John Anderson

01-10-21: “What’s Next?” Pastor John Anderson

01-03-21: “Light of the World” Pastor Terry Olthoff

12-27-20: “Lesson & Carols”

12-24-20: “Christmas Eve” Pastor John Anderson

12-20-20: “Love That Bears All” Pastor John Anderson

12-13-20: “Waiting for the Light” Pastor John Anderson

12-06-20:  “No Justice, No Peace” Pastor John Anderson

11-29-20: “Advent Begins in the Dark” Pastor John Anderson

11-22-20: “Shepherd King” Pastor John Anderson

11-15-20: “The End of Ordinary” Pastor John Anderson

11-08-20: “No Poverty” Pastor John Anderson

11-01-20:  “Citizens” Pastor John Anderson

10-25-20:  “Our Responsibility” Pastor John Anderson

10-18-20: “Serving Jesus” Pastor John Anderson

10-11-20: “Share It” Pastor John Anderson

10-04-20:  “Get Busy” Pastor John Anderson

9-27-20: “Get Ready” Pastor John Anderson

9-20-20:  “Your Seed of Faith” Pastor Chuck Orwiler

9-13-2o: “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” Pastor gretchen Sausville

9-6-20: “School Your Soul” Pastor John Anderson

8-30-20: “This is My Story” Pastor John Anderson

8-23-20: “Humility” Pastor John Anderson

8-16-20: “Are You There?” Pastor John Anderson

8-9-20: Livestream “Going Under” Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

8-2-20: “Speak Up” Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

7-26-20: “Wisdom” Pastors gretchen Sausville and John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

7-19-20-: “Don’t Miss Your Cue” Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

7-12-20: “This is Going to be Good!” Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

7-5-2020: “The World as I  See It, When Everything is Clear” Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

6-28-20:  Like Trees Planted by Streams, Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

6-21-20:  Let the Children Come, Tom Olschner

Video of Worship Service

6-14-20: I Pray for You, Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

6-7-20:  Father Protect Them, Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

5-31-20: Like a Mighty Rushing Wind, Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

5-24-20: A Prayer for Me, Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

5-17-20: It’s Good that I Go, Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

5-10-20: Love is Hard, Pastor John Anderson

Video Sermon

5-3-20: Abide With Me, Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

4-26-20: Tell Me You Love Me, Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

4-19-20: The Long Goodbye: Believe You Me!, Pastor John Anderson

Video of Worship Service

4-12-20: Easter, Run and See, Pastor John Anderson

Video of Easter Worship

4-5-20: Expectant Worship, Pastor John Anderson

4-5-20 Bulletin

4-5-20 Video Sermon

3-29-20: Resurrection Prayer, Pastor John Anderson

3-29-20 Bulletin

3-29-20 Video Sermon

3-22-20: We Have a Shepherd, Pastor John Anderson

3-22-20 Bulletin

3-22-20 Video Sermon

3-15-20:  Seeing Clearly The Hope of Lent, Pastor John Anderson

Video of Sermon

3-15-20 Bulletin

3-8-20:  The Challenge of Lent, Pastor John Anderson

3-8-20 Bulletin

3-1-20:  Forgiveness – The Promise of Lent, Pastor John Anderson

3-1-20 Bulletin

2-23-20:  Where Did You Say You’re From?, Pastor John Anderson

2-23-20 Bulletin

2-16-20:  Identity, Credibility, and Rejection, Michael McLane

2-16-20 Bulletin

2-9-20:  The Cast of Characters in Us, Pastor John Anderson

2-9-20 Bulletin

2-2-20:  The Bread That Satisfies, Pastor John Anderson

2-2-20 Bulletin

1-26-20:  Look to Me, Pastor John Anderson

1-26-20 Bulletin

1-19-20:Inseparable and Focused, Pastor John Anderson

1-19-20 Bulletin

1-12-20:  Deep Compassion, Pastor John Anderson

1-12-20 Bulletin

1-5-20:  Believe Then See, Pastor John Anderson

1-5-20 Bulletin

12-29-19 Epiphany Meditation, Mia Cabot

12-29-19 No bulletin, service information was projected 

12-22-19:  Like Father, Like Son, Pastor John Anderson

12-22-19 Bulletin

12-15-19:  Responding With Joy, Pastor John Anderson

12-15-19 Bulletin

12-8-19:  Pursued By Jesus, Pastor John Anderson

12-8-19 Bulletin

12-1-19:  Seeing With Advent Eyes, Pastor John Anderson

12-1-19 Bulletin

11-24-19:  Let Us Say So!, Pastor John Anderson

11-24-19 Bulletin

11-17-19:  A New Birth and a New Heart, Pastor John Anderson

11-17-19 Bulletin

11-10-19:  Clearing the Way, Pastor John Anderson

11-10-19 Bulletin

No Sermon Available. Technical Difficulties 

11-3-19:  Party Jesus, Pastor John Anderson

11-3-19 Bulletin

10-27-19:  Finding, Pastor John Anderson

10-27-19 Bulletin

10-20-19:  Can I Get a Witness?, Pastor John Anderson

10-20-19 Bulletin

10-13-19:  Looking Into the Face of God, Pastor John Anderson

10-13-19 Bulletin


10-6-19:  Where to Begin, Pastor John Anderson

10-6-19 Bulletin

9-29-19:  The Power of Our Words, Anna Langness

9-29-19 Bulletin

9-22-19:  Division, Michael McLane

9-22-19 Bulletin

9-15-19:  Love and Life, Memory Wollenweber

9-15-19 Bulletin

9-8-19:  Where is God?  Where Am I?, Rob Gosbee

9-8-19 Bulletin

No sermon available online. CD for checkout in the library. 

Technical Issues 

9-1-19:  Let the Children Come to Us!, Denise Shannon, M.Div.

9-1-19 Bulletin

8-25-19:  God’s Gift of His Presence, Betty Over

8-25-19 Bulletin

8-18-19:  Engage, Eve Knapp

8-18-19 Bulletin

8-11-19:  Doesn’t That Sheep Look Familiar?   Russ Coley

8-11-19 Bulletin

8-4-19:  A Clearer Sense of Direction, Denise Shannon, M.Div.

8-4-19 Bulletin

7-28-19:  Here’s My Heart, Abby McCubbin & Youth

7-28-19 Bulletin

7-21-19:  Perseverance and Hope, Alan Krueger

7-21-19 Bulletin

No Sermon Available online. CD available in the church library for check out.

Technical Issues

7-14-19:  Being the Body of Christ, Robin Olschner

7-14-19 Bulletin

7-7-19:  Delighting in the Power of Kindness, Denise Shannon, M.Div

7-7-19 Bulletin  

6-30-19:  Dare to Be Gifted, Pastor John Anderson (Worship in the Park)

6-30-19 Bulletin

NO AUDIO RECORDING ..Worship in the Park

6-23-19:  Spirit Dependent, Pastor John Anderson

6-23-19 Bulletin


6-16-19:The Spirit in Creation, Pastor John Anderson

6-16-19 Bulletin

6-9-19:  Caught Up By the Spirit, Pastor John Anderson

6-9-19 Bulletin

6-2-19:  Peacemaking as Preserving the Personhood of All, Pastor John Anderson

6-2-19 Bulletin

5-26-19:  Storing Up Mercy, Pastor John Anderson

5-26-19 Bulletin

5-19-19: A Kingdom of Comfort and Justice, Pastor John Anderson

5-19-19 Bulletin

5-12-19:  Blessed Are You, Pastor John Anderson 

5-12-19 Bulletin

5-5-19:  The Future Now, Pastor John Anderson

5-5-19 Bulletin

4-28-19:  Thy Kingdom Come – A Future Hope, Pastor John Anderson

4-28-19 Bulletin

4-21-19: Was Crucified, Now Risen! Pastor John Anderson

4-21-19 Bulletin

4-14-19:  Extravagant Love, Pastor John Anderson

4-14-19 Bulletin

4-7-19:  Unspeakable Struggles, Unspeakable Hope, Pastor John Anderson

4-7-19 Bulletin

3-31-19:  More Messiah Than You Imagined, Pastor John Anderson

3-31-19 Bulletin

3-24-19:  Getting God, Pastor John Anderson

3-24-19 Bulletin

3-17-19:  His Own Parable, Pastor John Anderson

3-17-19 Bulletin




3-10-19:  Authority to Save, Pastor John Anderson

3-10-19 Bulletin

3-3-19:  Shame for Glory, Pastor John Anderson



2-24-19:  Honored and Included, Pastor John Anderson

2-24-19 Bulletin

2-17-19:  Beloved and Betrothed, Pastor John Anderson

2-17-19 Bulletin


2-10-19:  Shame Disrupts Relationship, Jesus Restores It, Pastor John Anderson

2-3-19:2-10-19 Bulletin  Healing Shame, Pastor John Anderson

2-3-19 Bulletin

1-27-19:  The Gift of Us, Pastor John Anderson

1-27-19 Bulletin

1-20-19:  The Gift of You, Pastor John Anderson

1-20-19 Bulletin

1-13-19:  Giving Like God Gives, Pastor John Anderson

1-13-19 Bulletin

1-6-19:  Giving Like God, Pastor John Anderson

1-6-19 Bulletin

12-30-18:  Family Worship Sunday

12-30-18 Bulletin

No Sermon this week: Worship was an interactive experience of Music, Scripture, and other Art Forms exploring the Birth of Christ. May you be blessed by remembering Christ is the Light of the World.

12-23-18:  From Doubt to Testimony, Pastor John Anderson

12-23-18 Bulletin

12-16-18: Feel the Joy, Pastor John Anderson

12-16-18 Bulletin


12-9-18:  Nothing Shall Be Impossible, Pastor John Anderson

12-9-18 Bulletin

12-2-18:  What Are the Odds?, Pastor John Anderson

12-2-18 Bulletin

11-25-18:  Hallelujah, What a Savior, The Very Reverend Jesse Kamau

11-25-18 Leader

11-18-18:  Things Made Whole, Pastor John Anderson

11-18-18 Bulletin

11-11-18:  Let God Be God, Pastor John Anderson

11-11-18 Bulletin

11-4-18:  Answer Me, Pastor John Anderson

11-4-18 Bulletin

10-28-18:  Remember to Remember, Pastor John Anderson

10-28-18 Bulletin

 10-21-18:  Shaped By Jesus’ Godview, Rev. Joel Adams

10-21-18 Bulletin

10-14-18:  Failure of Friend and the Freedom to Speak, Pastor John Anderson

10-14-18 Bulletin

10-7-18:  Innocent, Pastor John Anderson

10-7-18 Bulletin

9-30-18:  True, Pastor John Anderson

9-30-18 Bulletin

9-23-18:  There is No One Like Him, Pastor John Anderson

9-23-18 Bulletin

9-16-18:  Do What I Do, Pastor John Anderson

9-16-18 Bulletin

9-9-18:  guest preacher, Jorge Montiel

9-9-18 Bulletin

9-2-18:  Perichoresis:  The Dance of the Trinity… God the Holy Spirit, Denise Shannon, M.Div.

9-2-18 Bulletin

8-26-18:  Perichoresis:  the Dance of the Trinity….  God of the Son, Denise Shannon, M.Div.

8-26-18 Bulletin

8-19-18:  Perichoresis:  the Dance of the Trinity….  God of the Father,  Denise Shannon, M.Div.

8-19-18 Bulletin

8-12-18:  Perichoresis:  The Dance of the Trinity, Denise Shannon, M.Div.

8-12-18 Bulletin

8-5-18:  Deliver Us From Evil, Pastor John Anderson

8-5-18 Bulletin

7-29-18:  See God Run!, Pastor John Anderson

7-29-18 Bulletin

7-22-18:  The Grace of Migration, Pastor John Anderson

7-22-18 Bulletin

7-15-18:  New Beginnings, Nick Quinones & Pastor John Anderson

7-15-18 Bulletin 

7-8-18:  Exchanging Bread for Our Worries, Pastor John Anderson

7-8-18 Bulletin

7-1-18:  Thy Kingdom Come,Pastor John Anderson

7-1-18 Bulletin


6-24-18:  Our Father in the Heavens, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Pastor John Anderson

6-24-18 Bulletin

6-17-18:  We Have A Father, Pastor John Anderson

6-17-18 Bulletin

6-10-18:  Caught Between Heaven & Earth, Pastor John Anderson

6-10-18 Bulletin

6-3-18:  Made Us One, Pastor John Anderson

6-3-18 Bulletin


5-27-18:  The True Disciple Never Backs Down, Denise Shannon, M.Div.

5-27-18 Bulletin

5-20-18:  Wait Expectantly, Pastor John Anderson

5-20-18 Bulletin

5-13-18:  Recognizing Him, Pastor John Anderson

5-13-18 Bulletin 

5-6-18:  Forsaken?!, Pastor John Anderson

5-6-18 Bulletin

4-29-18:  “What Do You Say?” , Pastor John Anderson

4-29-18 Bulletin

4-22-18:  Powered by Compassion, Pastor John Anderson

4-22-18 Bulletin

4-15-18:  Relying on the Father, Pastor John Anderson

4-15-18 Bulletin

4-8-18:  Beginning at the End, Pastor John Anderson

4-8-18 Bulletin

4-1-18, EASTER:  Was Crucified, Now Risen, Pastor John Anderson

4-1-18 Bulletin

3-25-18:  There He Goes Again, Pastor John Anderson

3-25-18 Bulletin

3-18-18:  Unless I Die, Pastor John Anderson

3-18-18 Bulletin

3-11-18:  Of The Father’s Love Begotten, Pastor John Anderson 

3-11-18 Bulletin

3-4-18:  Rebuilding for the Next Generation, Pastor John Anderson

3-4-18 Bulletin

2-25-18: The Anatomy of Hate,  Pastor John Anderson

2-25-18 Bulletin

2-18-18:  Lent Is Our Homecoming, Pastor John Anderson

2-18-18 Bulletin

2-11-18:  The Kingdom Come, Pastor John Anderson

2-11-18 Bulletin

2-4-18:  “In Need of a Heart Transplant and Infusion of God’s Spirit”  Denise Shannon, M.Div.

2-4-18 Bulletin

1-28-18:  Practicing Courage, Pastor John Anderson

1-28-18 Bulletin

1-21-18:  Blocking Our Path, Pastor John Anderson

1-21-18 Bulletin

1-14-18:  Good King, Bad King, Pastor John Anderson

1-14-18 Bulletin

1-7-18:  The Blessed Way, Pastor John Anderson

1-7-18 Bulletin