Mile High Ministries (Joshua Station)

The program at Joshua Station serves 337 children and parents with housing, mental health counseling, youth and adult education, job services, and life skills training. New services, Family Futures, are aimed at helping to ensure that the families we serve are able to sustain permanent housing and never experience homelessness again in their lifetime. These new services include: GED preparation, English language instruction, basic reading, writing, and math instruction, computer skills training, and job readiness training including resume writing, completing applications, and interviewing skills. Partnerships are being developed with employers to fill job vacancies that pay at least $15.00 per hour and offer health insurance and other benefits. Outcomes this past year show a high percentage of success achieved in each of the programs at Joshua Station.


Industrial Areas Foundation, Arvada

IAF is a national community-organizing network established in 1940.  IAF brings together religious and civic organizations with the purposes of strengthening citizen leadership, developing trust across a community’s dividing lines, and taking action on community issues identified by local community leaders.  Jorge Montiel was hired in 2017 as the IAF Colorado Executive Director and the group is forging ahead addressing such issues as education and affordable housing.