Brad & Toni Guderian,

Wycliffe Bible Translators,

Papua New Guinea

 Brad & Toni have been in Papua New Guinea since 1992. Together with Koluwawa co-translators, they are working to translate and publish the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament into the language of the Koluwawa people. Brad is currently updating the Koluwawa translation of the book of Mark by applying new knowledge and experience in the language they have acquired since the original translation of the book of Mark in 2004.

Additionally they are currently working as consultants with the Gizrra language translation team, Brad checking their translation of the book of Ephesians and Toni checking the translation of Galatians.  Toni is also the regional director for the teams working in the Milne Bay, Oro, and Central Provinces of Papua New Guinea.


Jenna Ladouceur,

Youth with a Mission, Denver Colorado

Jenna’s ministry is to encourage young believers in their faith, to inspire them to live boldly for the Lord, and to dream big when using their gifts to bring about transformation in others’ lives.  She is at the Denver YWAM base teaching in their Discipleship Training School, providing hospitality services to visiting faculty, offering administrative help at the base, leading international mission teams, and one-on-one-discipleship of students.