Come to the Table


It is harder to connect these days. The workday gets longer and time for friends is in short supply. But no worries, help is on the way! In fact it’s closer than you think. We call it Neighborhood Tables.


The best way to overcome the stress of a busy life is to find friends close to home. We formed Neighborhood Tables to help us connect with other Trinity members and our neighbors. In a way, it’s like putting a rocker on the front porch so that you can visit awhile!


Neighborhood Tables is a simple concept, Trinity members gathering ever so often with others from our church and folks from the neighborhood to share a meal. This is not a Bible study, it’s simply people enjoying good food and letting friendships grow around the table. How easy is that?!


Let us help you form a table in your neighborhood.


What Will Your Table Look Like?


No two Neighborhood Tables look like. They each take on the character of those who gather at the table. Here are some possibilities.


The Frequent Table: In this Neighborhood Table, the group gathers for a meal on a frequent basis (anything from monthly to quarterly). These folks are interested in developing relationships as well as serving their neighbors. The key to this kind of Neighborhood Table is regularly connecting with one another!


The Occasional Table: For folks who feel like their lives are too full to add a new circle of friends, the Occasional Table is a chance to get familiar with Trinity members who live near by. In this type of Neighborhood Table, they gather together once or twice a year for occasions like a block party, barbeque, or Christmas caroling. They are warming up the neighborhood one event at a time!


The Outreach Table: This Neighborhood Table might be composed of one or two Trinity families who want to reach out to those who live next-door. Rather than gather with others from Trinity for dinner, they invite the families on their block as a means of building community. For those who’ve never met a stranger, this is a way to use their gifts to reach out to others.


What kind of Neighbor Table fits your lifestyle?



Table Tasks


We want to keep this simple, but we want Neighborhood Tables to be effective. So we’ve come up with a short list of Table Tasks, which are goals for every Neighborhood Table. Groups might accomplish these goals in different ways, but each Table has these three objectives.


Building Community—Sharing dinner, swapping stories, and learning about each other are how friendships are formed. Helping people to feel known and cared for is the primary purpose for these gatherings.


Reaching Out to Neighbors—Neighborhood Tables are fun! There are folks just down the street who are hungry for ways to connect, so each Table is encouraged to invite their neighbors to join them. There’s always room for one more place setting at the table.


Serving One Another—No one is an island, we need each other. The people at your Table are the ones you can turn to for last minute ingredients for a recipe, help shoveling the sidewalk, or a recommendation for a babysitter. When friends get to know each other, they begin to help one another. Neighborhood Tables reach out and serve their neighbors in practical ways.



Conversation From the Tables


It is nice to have a group of friends who CARE, who we each feel comfortable sharing with.  We have quickly become a close, cohesive group.  I would encourage everyone at Trinity to give the Neighborhood Tables a try. Lois Phillips


How Do I Get Started?


There may be a Neighborhood Table meeting near you or you can also start your own table! Michelle Poole and Nadine Sinness are ready to help you find or organize a Table in your neighborhood. If you like to eat and enjoy meeting new people, you’ve got the gift of being a Table Host.


The best way to get started is to begin to notice your neighbors. Wave to people as you drive by. Walk up and visit your neighbors when you see them walking the dog or working in the yard. Being the first one to say “Hello” is how we start building community. You can do this. We can help.